Dr. Matt and his wife Ronna founded the charity International Caring Hands in 2009 after a mission trip to Africa. The lack of adequate dental care in Africa has left the local people in a desperate situation. Those living in rural areas have to walk long distances to seek care and many times are turned away because there are too many seeking care. This faith based charity’s mission statement is to care for our fellow brothers that are in need of help.

In order to provide care to people where they live in rural areas of Africa, International Caring Hands developed mobile dental trucks. Starting with a Kodiak double cab truck, the frame is stretched and a reefer box is mounted on the frame. Two modern operatories are positioned in the reefer unit with a sterilization room allowing a dentist and hygienist to comfortably treat patients in a climate controlled environment.

The first mobile truck was shipped to Zambia in 2012 where it is based at Riverside Farms one hour south of Lusaka. Dr. Matt and his family along with support groups have made many trips to Africa to operate his mobile clinic. Each trip hundreds of people are relieved of suffering with tooth aches.

The second mobile dental truck has been completed and is currently in Madagascar.

If you would like to volunteer for a mission trip to Africa please contact Randy Meyer at or 541-937-2786. You can also see pictures and information on our Facebook page or our web page at or